ACCESS is a democratic organization run by the members.


GavelConstitution & Bylaws – Suggests and reviews revisions to the ACCESS Constitution and Bylaws, per Constitution Article XI and Bylaws Article XII; monitors compliance with same.

Elections – Conducts elections and reports results per Constitution Article XI and Bylaws Articles II, III and XII. Prepares the ballot for the elections.  Helps distribute ballots for NEA elections.  Helps run the elections for Officers and Delegates at General Membership Meetings.
Jeanni Zeal, Chair

Nominations – Seeks out and presents a slate of nominees for each Association office per Bylaws Article II. Is there someone in your building or group that you think would be great as an association leader?  Help seek out people who have the skills and ability to continue to run our organization?  Talk to them and convince them to consider taking a more active role.
Jeanni Zeal, Chair

Leadership Development – Develops strategies to enhance leadership skills. Paula Hackley, Chair