ACCESS Elects New Leadership Team

On June 18, 2014, our newly elected team of ACCESS officers will be sworn into their offices.
Christine Whitmore will step up as our new President. Chris is a Developmental Specialist out of the Green Road Services Center. As an ACCESS member for 30 years, she has a belief in maintaining a strong Association.
Paula Hackley, who was appointed as Vice-President in April and then voted into office in May, will continue her efforts to reach out to members for increased Association involvement and leadership training opportunities. Paula is an OT in the Early Intervention Department and has made recruiting both “seasoned” and new members a priority.
Dave Selent, a CCBDD electrician and ACCESS member for just one year, will mind the dollars and cents as our new Treasurer. Dave is a long-time union supporter, maintaining his membership in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) as well as his ACCESS membership.
Marian Graham is a familiar face among ACCESS leaders and will be our new Secretary. Marian has served as an SLP Rep for years, did a stint as our Grievance Chair, Negotiations Team member, and has attended a variety of NEOEA and OADDP events.
Besides the officers, the three At-Large Association Reps will be Paula Clark, Lynnette Harris, and Jeanni Zeal. Gloria Stansberry will serve as ACCESS Past President.