The ACCESS-CCBDD Master Labor Agreement is bargained every three years and covers all aspects of wages, salary, benefits, working conditions, and other terms and conditions of employment.

Public employee contracts in the State of Ohio are still subject to Chapter 4117 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The 2012-2015 Tentative Agreement was ratified by members on September 25th and approved by the CCBDD Board on September 25th. The Master Agreement went fully into effect December 13, 2012.

The Negotiating Procedure is detailed in Article 3 of the Master Agreement.  Other details of Bargaining and Ratification of the Master Agreement are contained in ACCESS Bylaws Article III.

All members of the ACCESS Bargaining Unit receive a copy of the Master Agreement.  If you have questions regarding any matter in the contract, please contact your Association Representative or one or the Officers.

ACCESS members may enter the Members Only Area to view Reports and Documents.