ACCESS Constitution & Bylaws

The ACCESS Constitution and Bylaws describes the structure and workings of the Association. It details the duties of the Officers, Representatives, and Delegates; Standing Committees; conduct of Elections; Bargaining and Ratification of the Master Agreement; and Amendment of the document. It was last revised in October, 2013. Click here for a PDF copy of the 2013 ACCESS C&B.

Purpose of the Association, from Article II of the ACCESS Constitution:

“The purpose of the Association shall be to:

  1. Protect the welfare and advance the professional interests of its members,
  2. Advance the educational interests of the students and clients of the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities.”

Officers and Executive Committee:

  • ACCESS members elect the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer for two year terms.
  • The Secretary, and all At-Large, site and specialty area Representatives are elected annually.
  • The Officers and Representative meet monthly as the Executive Committee.
  • The Officers and the Executive Committee conduct the business of the Association.
  • Standing and ad hoc Committees exist to implement Association programs.
  • Members may serve on Committees upon appointment by the President and approval of the Executive Committee.

General Membership Meetings (also known as the Association Assembly):

  • The Association Assembly is the supreme governing body of the Association.
  • General Membership Meetings are held twice per year to elect Officers, At-Large Representatives, and Delegates to the NEOEA and OEA Representative Assemblies.
  • A General Membership Meeting is held to report and ratify a negotiated Master Agreement.

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