Member involvement in Committees puts the Association in ACCESS. Committee work offers members the opportunity to serve the interests of colleagues and assure that the Association runs smoothly and fairly. Members can contribute in a way that matches their interests and abilities. For more information, check the other Committee pages on this site.

CallSome committees require occasional meetings over a short period of time.  Others involve work that can be done by email, phone or interoffice mail.  This makes it easy for members to help with an Association project or Committee, when they can only make a short-term commitment or have difficulty attending meetings away from their site.

Even if you are not yet ready for Committee work, there are other ways you can contribute. You could help your Association Representative by copying, distributing, and posting materials and meeting notices; help to conduct surveys; pass on concerns and ideas from your colleagues; or just be supportive of those that can give their time.

If you find a Committee that interests you, contact the Chairperson, your Representative, or an Officer. Some Committees do not have a Chairperson listed. You may the one to get that Committee moving again. Help and information is always available to support your interest.