Employment Rights

ACCESS is the recognized collective bargaining representative for CCBDD employees in our bargaining unit.


NegotiateContract & Negotiations – Prepares proposals for negotiating the Master Agreement:

  • Pass out surveys in the building, remind colleagues to fill them out, help collect them back, send them to the chairperson.
  • Tally the results for your building or group and send your tally along with the surveys to the chairperson.
  • Volunteer to be on the committee – it usually meets every other week from January through May.
  • Do some research – Cost of Living Adjustment, health care costs and options, best practice trends for your group, tuitionĀ  at local colleges and universities, etc.
    Gloria Stansberry, Chair

Grievance – Investigates staff member complaints and represents members, non-members and the interests of the Association according to the Grievance Procedure in the Master Agreement and the Ohio Public Employees’ Collective Bargaining Law.