Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of:

Officers and At-Large Representatives
– elected at the spring ACCESS Biannual Off-Site Meeting

Representatives and Alternates
Рelected in the fall for one year terms prior to the September ACCESS Monthly Meeting
– one Representative and Alternate for every 10 members per Postion Title

ACCESS Executive Committee

Gloria Stansberry President
Terri Kress Vice President
Joyce Yates Treasurer
Julia Wolff Secretary
Lynnette Harris At-Large Representative
Paula Hackley At-Large Representative
Jeanni Zeal At-Large Representative
Marjean Bush Admin. Assistant
Laurie Redmon AT Specialist
Tom Shimrock BCIS
Rachel Torrence BCIS Alternate
Dave Felty Custodian
Vacant Custodian, part time
David Klosz Custodian-Repairperson
Developmental Spec.
Debbie Ranieri Developmental Spec.
Vacant Developmental Spec.
Christie Kimbler ECIS
Ginny Felice ECIS Alternate
Vacant Equipment Assistant
Vacant Intervention Specialist
Vacant MTIS
Mary Bohn Occupational Therapist
Paula Michaud Occupational Therapist Alternate
Vacant OT Assistant
Vacant Paraprofessional
Marie Avramaut Physical Therapist
Diane Lasecki Physical Therapist Assitant
Vacant Repairperson
Vacant Sign Language Interpreter
Marian Graham Speech-Language Pathologist
Dina McCrone Speech-Language Pathologist
 Vacant Speech-Language Pathologist