LPDC – Local Professional Development Committee


LPDC-Local Professional Development Committee

The LPDC is the ACCESS-CCBDD Local Professional Development Committee established under the rules of the Ohio Department of Education.  It serves to establish criteria and procedures for maintaining professional educator licensure.


Maureen Schroeck, Chair      Wm. Pat Day Services Ctr.    216-299-2385


Gayle Burdick                        Green Road Services Ctr.      216-931-7382


Dee Newcomb                        Green Road Services Ctr.      216-931-7407


CCBDD Administrative Members:  Jacquie Kasprisin and Marvetta Mormon

On the CCBDD Infonet site, located under Departments-HR, access information on:

Professional Development Log-3 and Evaluation Form

Please contact an ACCESS-LPDC member  by email or phone for assistance with a question/concern regarding your licensure renewal procedures.

Madonna Hengoed, CCBDD-HR Department Certification Specialist, 216-736-8352, is also able to assist staff with certification information/questions.


All LPDC forms used for staff licensure renewal are now online. CCBDD staff involved in the LPDC process have been trained by DatSmarts and have access to the online LPDC program.  Please contact an ACCESS-LPDC member or Chuck Barr @ DatSmarts, 216-432-9075 x111, for assistance with the LPDC computer program. 

For complete LPDC Announcements, Reference Links, and Training Materials:

Regional LPDC Website

Standards for Ohio Educators

Organizing for High Quality Professional Development

As a service to ACCESS members who maintain their Certification/Licensure with the Ohio Department of Education, here are forms and information from the ACCESS-CCBDD Local Professional Development Committee:


LPDC Committee Members – New contact information.


LPDC Plan Description

IPDP Goal & Guidelines

Form 1 – IPDP Profile

Form 2 – IPDP Goals

Form 3 – PD Pre-approval

Form 4 – PD Evaluation

Form 5 – PDSL Evaluation

Form 6 – Professional Development Log-3

Form 9A – PDSL-2 Key

Conversion Chart