Very Special Arts Festival

Very Special Arts Festival – A Pepsi Refresh Project

VSA Ohio/Cleveland area will host an all day arts festival for people with and without disabilities. 

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  • To host a day long arts festival for 1000 participants.
  • To provide opportunities for all abilities to create together
  • To promote increased access to the arts for people with disabilities
  • To provide educators with resources and tool


The VSA Festival began in 1981.  It presents an array of opportunities for children and adults with and without disabilities to showcase their talents and participate in the arts.

Our “products” are impressive:

  • A day-long arts festival with a minimum of 1000 attendees.
  • 40 hands-on arts activity stations, each serving approximately 350 people.
  • Performances by approximately 70 individuals with and without disabilities in the areas of music, dance, and drama
  • Art displays showcasing work by over 100 artists with disabilities
  • Participation by many cultural and community organizations.
  • Service by 200 school and community volunteers.
  • Participation by 50 schools and programs in the Cleveland, Ohio area

How will the 5K be used?

  • $3,000 arts/crafts supplies, materials, decorations
  • $700 advertising, mailing, copying
  • $700 volunteers meals, refreshments
  • $600 rental; tables, chairs equipment

Budget Notes: Supplies are needed for each of the 40 activity stations in order to serve approximately 350 participants at each station throughout the day.  Budget money will not pay for sound/stage equipment, transportation, facility rental, insurance, nurse, performers.

About VSA Ohio/Cleveland area

The mission of VSA Ohio/Cleveland is to creatively and inclusively empower individuals with disabilities through the arts. Our annual festival showcases the talents of artists with disabilities and promotes inclusion by bringing together people of all abilities to participate in the arts.

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