John Adams School-Age Program to be Reduced by One Unit

The John Adams School-Age Satellite will be reduced from two units to one, reports Jacquie Kasprisin, Director of Assistive Technology and Children’s Services, citing low student enrollment as the reason for closing one of the two classrooms. CCBDD intends to reduce the number of staff members assigned to the satellite from four to three for next school year.

CCBDD Plans another Re-Design in the Early Intervention Department, More Positions to be Eliminated

ACCESS has received news that this September CCBDD intends to once again “redesign” the Early Intervention program.
The tentative plan for the redesign will result in a reduction in the number of staff members assigned to the program. Currently there are 30 Developmental Specialists. The redesigned department will be staffed by six Developmental Specialists to serve as Dedicated Evaluators under the supervision of Lori Mago, and sixteen Developmental Specialists to provide home-based services as members of the EBEI-A teams. In addition, the number of teams will be reduced from twelve to eight, four east and four west.
The number of EI Occupational Therapists will be reduced from eleven to ten. One EI OT will be reassigned to a 3-years-old-and above caseload.

Report on the Spring General Membership Meeting

The ACCESS Spring General Membership meeting was held May 8th. The weather was perfect, the setting (Edgewater Yacht Club) was comfortable and convenient, the food and drinks were good, visiting with friends was fun, and we still had time to take care of Association business!

Here’s the news:

  • Members voted on amendments to the ACCESS Constitution & Bylaws. The revised C&B is now posted in the Members Only section of the ACCESS website.
  • Vice-President Christie Kimbler and Recording Secretary Ginny Felice are concluding their offices and members said, “thank you for your service,” with beautiful bouquets of flowers.
  • Elections were held for four ACCESS positions: Julia Wolff will begin her one-year term as Secretary in June. Lynnette Harris, Paula Hackley, and Jeanni Zeal will be our 2013-2014 team of At-Large Representatives, also beginning in June. Congratulations and thank you to each of you!
  • Renee Farmerie won $35 in the 50/50 raffle.
  • President’s Remarks presented by Gloria Stansberry summarizing ACCESS activities since last fall. See the full remarks in the Members Only section of the ACCESS website.
  • A quick and abbreviated May Executive Committee Meeting rounded out the evening.

President’s Message: A New Year
There were many challenges, both personal and professional, that many of us were forced to face in 2012. Our hearts and thoughts go out to our friends and colleagues who have suffered losses and our support and commitment continues for all members. Now we look to a new year. Welcome, everyone, to 2013!
ACCESS has started out the new year with many members coming forward to participate in Association activities:
• The January Executive Committee meeting was so well attended (we needed extra chairs!) that I had to ask if everyone had made a New Year’s resolution to attend more Association meetings! Thanks, everyone, for being there.
• At-Large Rep Marjean Bush is now in charge of distributing copies of Executive Committee handouts to Reps who have to miss a meeting…all the better to keep everyone up-to-date.
• Beckie Tweedle, Constitution & Bylaws Chair, will soon begin work on revisions to the ACCESS Constitution & Bylaws. We need to make updates to reflect the new make-up of our bargaining unit. Contact Beckie if you’d like to learn more about how our Association operates and join in to review and prepare proposals for amendments to the C & B.
• The entire Executive Committee has volunteered to help review and give input on management’s revisions to our Position Descriptions. Contact me if you’d like to help, too.
• As President, I attend meetings of the West Cuyahoga Regional Service Council (WCRSC) several times per year. The WCRSC is made up of all the locals Shelia Saad, our Labor Relations Consultant, represents and the meetings can help to understand where ACCESS fits into the bigger OEA picture. This year, I’ve invited any interested member to join me at the meetings. So far, Terri Kress, Beckie Tweedle, and Mary Bohn have attended. Contact me if you’d like to attend a meeting with me.
• All ACCESS members are also members of the Ohio Association of Professionals for Developmental Disabilities (OADDP). I attend OADDP meetings several times a year and would love to have a member join me. The meetings are held on Saturday mornings, usually in Hudson.
• The 30-member Developmental Specialist group has ramped up their ACCESS involvement by passing concerns on to Reps and ACCESS Officers, attending meetings, and responding to requests for information. For the first time in many years, all departments and groups have ACCESS Reps.

NEOEA Megaconference Deadline Approaches
Every year NEOEA hosts a Megaconference at Corporate College East in Warrrensville Heights. This year’s conference will be held on Saturday, February 23rd, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The 2013 Megaconference features twelve simultaneous breakout sessions in three one-hour time slots. Topics fall in three themes: Leadership Development, Personal Development, and Professional Development. ACCESS has vouchers for 3 free registrations as part of the NEOEA Presidents Plus Two initiative. In addition, ACCESS will reimburse the $25 fee for any additional members who would like to attend. Act soon – the deadline for registration is Friday, February 8th. Contact President Gloria Stansberry if you are interested in attending. See your current NEOEA News & Views or the NEOEA website ( for full details and an application.

  • Vacancy: ACCESS Grievance Chair
    Have you ever wondered what to do if your supervisor denied your request for Professional Leave? Or, if rules in your department seem to be different than the rules everyone else has to follow? Have you ever looked up information in your contract to learn more about your benefits? Have you ever questioned whether management can require you to work late nights or weekends? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, you might be the right member to be our new Grievance Chair. Contact Gloria Stansberry if you have questions or might be interested. Training is available through both NEOEA and OEA and ACCESS leadership will be there to help you learn the ropes of processing grievances. Most grievances are resolved through maintaining open lines of communication between the Association and management. When issues cannot be resolved, additional help is provided by OEA.
    ACCESS needs a new Grievance Chair. After years of serving as the ACCESS Grievance Chair, Marian Graham has decided it’s time to step down. Thank you, Marian, for your years of service.
  • Ohio Association of Developmental Disabilities Professionals Conference March 8-9
    The OADDP Annual Conference is set for March 8-9 this year. All members should have received the registration form in the mail this past week. Each year, ACCESS members attend this conference at the Mohican State Park and Resort, and this year’s conference promises to be a good one. Featured speakers will include Kathy McKinley, OEA Plan Attorney, Melissa Clark, from OEA Governmental Services, and our own SLP Kate Harrison, who will present on, “Using Mobile Technology with Consumers.” Be sure not to miss out on the Stay-to-the-End Raffle on Saturday for a chance to win a Kindle Fire.
    NEOEA offers five free scholarships to the conference. The application can be found at ACCESS members may also register on their own through the OADDP website,, and submit receipts to Treasurer Joyce Yates for reimbursement. Contact Gloria Stansberry if you plan to attend the conference.

Members Approve New Contract

On Tuesday, September 25th, ACCESS members voted to ratify the 2012-2013 Tentative Agreement reached by the ACCESS and CCBDD Negotiations teams. More than 75 members attended the Ratification Meeting to hear from the Negotiations Team and to ask questions about the Tentative Agreement. The vote was 70-6, in favor of ratification.
The Tentative Agreement then went before the CCBDD Board on September 27th. The Board voted unanimously to approve the Agreement. The Agreement will now go before the Cuyahoga County Council. The new Agreement will not fully go into effect until the Council gives their approval.
In the meantime, the August 20, 2012, Memo of Understanding concerning the startup of the new year remains in effect.

Negotiations Team Met the Difficult Issues Head On

The ACCESS Negotiations Committee began work to prepare for this year’s bargaining back in November, 2011. We surveyed the membership and gathered input. The Negotiations Team was appointed in March to begin the work of developing strategies and proposals. Negotiations began on June 19th and continued through August 9th, when the teams mutually declared impasse because agreement could not be found on issues concerning days and hours, salary and benefits.

CCBDD came to the negotiations table with the objective of transforming our work schedules to a year-round format based on a calendar year, with paid vacation and paid holidays. They made good on their promise from 3 years ago to contain costs by replacing the salary schedules with a compensation structure consisting of salary ranges for each position. Finally, they brought proposals to change over our timekeeping and leave request procedures to an electronic system.

Our goal, as a negotiations team, was to minimize and delay the changes in days and hours as much as possible, while maintaining flexible schedules, and maximizing compensation and benefits.
With the help of a mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services, the teams pounded out a Tentative Agreement on all unresolved issues during 15 consecutive hours of bargaining on September 10, 2012.
We were successful in keeping healthcare costs to a minimum. We worked with the mediator until the last minute to minimize increases in days and hours. We insisted on a more generous vacation schedule and more paid vacation days. We fought for raises and additional hours compensation.

The ACCESS Negotiations Team completed negotiations confident that we had bargained the best contract possible and unanimously recommended ratification of the Tentative Agreement. The 2012 ACCESS Team members were: Gloria Stansberry, Chief Negotiator, Sheila Saad, OEA Labor Relations Consultant, Marian Graham, Lynnette Harris, Christie Kimbler, Dave Klosz, Terri Kress, Dina McCrone, Maureen Schroeck, Beckie Tweedle, and Joyce Yates.

NEOEA Day Change for ACCESS Members

Please note that NEOEA Day will be a regular work day this year. If you would like to attend an NEOEA-sponsored event and it is professionally related to your position, you may request a Professional Leave day. If it is not related to your job, you may request a Personal Day, use a comp day or flex the time off, if you have it.

Your Own Personal PAC – and It’s Free!

Have you heard of the EMILY principle? The letters stand for “Early Money Is Like Yeast.” If you favor a candidate for an Ohio public office, you can support that candidate’s campaign, and it won’t cost you a cent.

If you make your donation now instead of waiting for the fall, your donation can have a much greater impact.

Ohio Revised Code 5747.29 permits a taxpayer to claim a credit for contributions made to campaign committees for state office or for a seat on the Ohio General Assembly. Individuals can claim a credit of up to $50; couples filing a joint return can claim a credit of $100. The Ohio tax return contains a place to claim the credit; which is available whether or not you itemize deductions.

We’d still encourage members to donate to the OEA Fund for Children and Public Education, but making this extra donation is a no-brainer since Ohio reimburses you for your donation.

This credit doesn’t apply to donations to candidates for federal offices like President and House of Representatives, and it doesn’t apply to local and countywide elections. But it does apply to many Ohio elective office in which OEA has made endorsements, like State Representative, State Senator, Treasurer, Supreme Court, and Ohio Board of Education.

So the deal is simple: you can support the candidate of your choice and the state will give you your money back when you file your 2012 Ohio income taxes. It’s like having your own personal PAC!

By Bill Lavezzi, NEOEA Executive Director

Visit our OEA Recomended Candidates page for links to candidate campaigns

Remember SB-5 and OEA Campaign 2012

The incredible amount of money pouring into the federal elections (President, Senate, and Congress) this year has all but drowned out the important issues in Ohio’s elections. ACCESS members must gather their family and friends and remind them of the issues affecting public education in this year’s election. The anti-education forces that brought you SB-5 have redistricted the state to strengthen their chances of re-election. If they succeed in gaining seats in the Ohio House, we will see more anti-education and anti-worker legislation and it will be difficult if not impossible to repeal it as we did with SB-5.

Local committees of OEA members have interviewed the candidates and have recommended pro-education candidates in nearly every statehouse race. This year we are lucky to have TEN OEA members running for the statehouse to help protect children and public education. The fight is not over; the stakes are much higher now. It’s time to step up again. Support the pro-education candidates and oppose those that gave us SB-5.

If ONE more anti-education legislator is elected to the Ohio House, they will be able to directly place any anti-education/anti-worker issue on the Ohio ballot without the need to collect any signatures. It is anticipated that a “Right to Work for less” amendment that would strip union rights could be put on in 2013.

If SEVEN more anti-education legislators are elected to the Ohio House, they will be able to pass anti-education legislation as an “Emergency” measure, going into effect immediately upon the Governor’s signature with no opportunity to collect signatures for ballot repeal as happened with SB-5.

The State Board of Education can stop bad things from happening. Governor Kasich will control all eight of the appointed seats on the State Board of Education in 2013. Seven of the eleven elected seats are on the ballot this year. We must support the Pro-Education candidates screened and recommended by our fellow OEA members.

President Barack Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown have consistently supported Public Education and deserve our support. Their opponents have not and promise more anti-education attacks. Josh Mandel supported SB-5 while Romney and Ryan have promised deep cuts.

For complete OEA information on the Candidates visit the OEA Campaign 2012 page. Register and login to the “Members Only” area.

Vote YES on Issue 2 – the Voters First Ohio Redistricting Amendment

The Voters First Ohio coalition needs you, your family, your friends and neighbors to Vote Yes on Issue 2 – the redistricting plan on the ballot this year. Strong opposition is expected from those that gerrymandered the state districts last year. By a 3-2 partisan vote the Ohio Ballot Board has severely trimmed the ballot language, certifying it and assigning the amendment to “Issue 2” requiring a “YES” vote to pass (last year Issue 2 to repeal SB-5 required a “no” vote – look for confusion). Visit the OEA Voters First webpage for more information.

The Voters First campaign comes after a highly controversial redistricting process where Ohio’s district maps – drawn by politicians – received widespread criticism from citizens and editorial boards of major newspapers across Ohio for destroying competition, dividing communities, and giving one political party an unfair advantage over the other party.

Voters First’s proposal will create an Independent Citizens Commission. Federal and State politicians, lobbyists and political insiders are prohibited from serving on the commission. The Commission’s work will be open and it will be accountable to the public. The Commission will empower voters to choose their politicians instead of politicians picking their voters.

Voters First Ohio is led by a coalition of nonpartisan groups, including OEA, the League of Women Voters, and others from acrossOhio. The coalition was created to take the power over drawing our congressional and legislative districts out of the hands of the politicians and put it in the hands of the people.

News Reports for Members

In the Member Only Area:

08-05-2012 Negotiations Update
07-20-2012 Negotiations Update
07-05-2012 Negotiations Update

06-07-2012 President’s Report to XC
05-17-2012 President’s Report to XC

Contact your Association Representative or one of the Officers if you need the password.

Voters First Ohio Redistricting Initiative

The Voters First Ohio coalition needs you, your family, and friends to sign the petition by Friday, July 27 at your nearest OEA UniServ Office to put the redistricting plan on the ballot in November. The Voters First Coalition needs to submit all petition signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State byJuly 28. If you can, go a step farther and circulate a petition at an event you will be attending; you can help change the way politics is conducted in Ohio. Visit the OEA Voters First webpage for more information.

The Voters First campaign comes after a highly controversial redistricting process where Ohio’s district maps – drawn by politicians – received widespread criticism from citizens and editorial boards of major newspapers across Ohio for destroying competition, dividing communities, and giving one political party an unfair advantage over the other party.

Voters First’s proposal will create an Independent Citizens Commission. Politicians, lobbyists and political insiders are prohibited from serving on the commission. The Commission’s work will be open and it will be accountable to the public. The Commission will empower voters to choose their politicians instead of politicians picking their voters.

Voters First Ohio is led by a coalition of nonpartisan groups, including OEA, The League of Women Voters, and others and people from acrossOhio. It was created to take the power over drawing our congressional and legislative districts out of the hands of the politicians and put it in the hands of the people.

Visit the OEA Voters First webpage or the Voters First Ohio website for more information. Gather your family and friends and go to your nearest OEA UniServ Office to sign a petition (Call first to arrange a time for your visit).

Download the Voters First Ohio Handout


ACCESS and CCBDD at Impasse

Dear members,

At 2:00 pm today the ACCESS and CCBDD negotiations teams mutually declared impasse. We were unable to reach agreement on articles concerning employment rights, such as layoff procedures, assignments, and how vacancies are to be filled. Our team’s efforts to move with the CCBDD towards a year-round schedule reached a stalemate when we could not accept the CCBDD’s proposals on increases in days and hours for the compensation and benefits proposed.

According to our contract, when impasse has been declared, a neutral third party mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) is brought in to assist the teams in resolving the outstanding issues. Sheila Saad, our OEA Labor Relations Consultant, has already contacted the FMCS to make the request for a mediator. It is possible we will not reach a settlement before our current contract expires. If that happens, staff will continue to work under the stipulations of the current contract.

ACCESS and CCBDD have a history of success with the mediation process. The most recent example was during the 2009 negotiations, following the CCBDD’s July 28, 2009, unilateral declaration of impasse. A FMCS mediator was contacted and additional negotiation sessions were scheduled with the mediator on August 18 and 28, 2009. The teams then reached a tentative contract agreement on September 24, 2009.

Although we are at impasse, the teams are still considered to be in negotiations and the details of the proposals continue to be confidential.

Gloria Stansberry, ACCESS President

Tentative Agreement

Dear ACCESS members,

On Tuesday, September 11th, at 12:15 AM, after nearly 15 consecutive hours of bargaining, the ACCESS and CCBDD Negotiations teams shook hands to conclude negotiations. We reached agreement (called a “tentative agreement”) on all 60 or so contract articles that had been on the agenda. The tentative agreement will be confidential until a summary of all the changes to the collective bargaining agreement have been written up and distributed to members. Members must have this summary a minimum of five days before the Ratification meeting. The Executive Committee will decide on the Ratification meeting date at our September meeting this Thursday. Our hope is to schedule the ratification meeting before the end of September.

More details will follow about the Ratification meeting.

Thank you for your support to the team throughout the negotiations process


Gloria Stansberry, ACCESS President

2012 Luncheon Cruise Pictures Now Posted

The 2012 Retirement Luncheon Cruise was a big success with 48 attendees. Thanks to Lynn Para for the first pictures from 2012. And thanks to Deena Barrett for finding pictures from 2011. Check the Retired Scrapbook 2012 and Retired Scrapbook 2011 pages. If you have pictures or updates/corrections to the ACCESS Retiree List or need the password contact Hank or send a message with the Retired Contact Us page.

June 2012 ACCESS Communicator

Download The Communicator – June 2012. Visit the Newletters page for past issues.

ACCESS 2012 Retirement Luncheon Cruise

ACCESS Retirement Luncheon aboard the Nautica Queen, June 9, 2012

                        Download the 2012 Reservation Form.

Last year ACCESS members and guests enjoyed a wonderful luncheon cruise aboard the Nautica Queen. Now by popular demand the ACCESS-Retired Committee has planned this year’s cruise for Saturday, June 9, 2012. Reduced ticket price is $20.00 for each member and one guest. Additional guest tickets are $25.50. Please return the Reservation Form and your check made out to “ACCESS” by Monday, June 4.

All ACCESS retirees, current staff members, family and friends are invited. This year we expect great weather for a fantastic buffet luncheon and lake/river cruise.

Visit the ACCESS-Retired page for more information, directions, and links to the venues.

OEA and Retirement System Reports

Go to our Legislative page for additional information.

May 18, 2012 – OEA Legislative Watch May 18, 2012
May 18, 2012 – STRS Legislative Update
May 2012 – STRS Board News
Archive – OEA Legislative Watch Reports
Archive – OEA Retirement Systems Updates
Other OEA Retired Reports and Updates

ACCESS Spring General Membership Meeting & Social

ACCESS Spring General Membership Meeting & Social

Thursday, May 17th, 5:00 PM
The Market Avenue Wine Bar
2521 Market Avenue, Cleveland ,OH 44113
(216) 696-9463

We’ve moved the Spring General Membership Meeting off-site to allow for a more relaxed atmosphere and a relaxing “social hour” afterwards. If you have never been to an ACCESS Executive Committee meeting or a General Membership meeting, please mark your calendar and plan to attend. ACCESS will provide light appetizers & attendees can order additional food or beverages from the menu.

The Market Avenue Wine Bar is next door to The Flying Fig and across the avenue from Great Lakes Brewing Company. Market Avenue itself is a short brick street located opposite the West Side Market. Parking is available for a fee at the end of Market Avenue. Free parking is available on adjacent side streets and behind the West Side Market. Visit the Market Avenue Wine Bar for directions. The website includes their menu of small plates and appetizers, as well as an extensive wine and craft beer list.

Download the Spring Meeting Announcement.


  • Abbreviated Executive Committee Meeting (all members are welcome)
  • “Intermission”
  • General Membership Meeting Opening Statements
  • Call for Nominations for Officers & At-Large Representatives
  • Election of Officers & At-Large Representatives
  • Elections report
  • 50/50 raffle

Ohio Education Association Links

The Ohio Education Association website and the Voters First Ohio website are your sources for up to date information:

New ACCESS Website!

OEA Moves Local OEA-DIY Websites to WordPress

The ACCESS website has been rebuilt on the WordPress platform.

You will notice a new look and feel with the new WordPress site. The WordPress platform is user friendly and sites can be built and updated with relative ease. WordPress is a free, browser based, template driven, content management system and website creation tool that makes it easy for the average person to quickly and easily publish a blog or website.

The WordPress platform will help ACCESS to better serve the ACCESS members. Look for new features as we learn more about how to make the most of WordPress. Please leave us a Comment on our Contact

ACCESS 2012 Bargaining Team Named

The ACCESS Bargaining Team was appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Committee at its March 22nd meeting. The Team will meet weekly beginning Monday March 28th in preparations for negotiations on a contact to begin September 1, 2012. All ACCESS Members are strongly urged to attend the ACCESS General Membership Meeting on May 17th for a full status report.

The ACCESS 2012 Bargaining Team:

Gloria Stansberry, Chief Negotiator
Marian Graham
Lynnette Harris
Christie Kimbler
Dave Klosz
Terri Kress
Dina McCrone
Maureen Schroeck
Beckie Tweedle
Joyce Yates

All 2012 ACCESS Negotiations Committee reports and ACCESS President’s Reports to Executive Committee will be in the Member Only Area.

Contact your Association Representative or one of the Officers if you need the password.

ACCESS Officer Appointments

At the June 9th ACCESS Executive Committee meeting Joe McCrone, ACCESS President for the past five years, stepped down from his position.

Recently appointed Vice-President, Gloria Stansberry was appointed to fill McCrone’s un-expired term.

Christie Kimbler was appointed Vice-President to fill Stansberry’s un-expired term.

Joe was thanked for his service and received a gift basket. He will continue his involvement as Past President.

Previous Past President, Jené Wilson, will continue her involvement with the ACCESS Retired Organizing Committee. Jené served on the ACCESS Executive Committee for the past 38 years.

ACCESS Constitution & Bylaws – Special Election Results

The Special Election for voting on Amendments to the ACCESS Constitution and Bylaws took place at 4:30 pm on June 9, 2011, at William Patrick Day ECC.

The Constitution & Bylaws Committee proposal to amend the ACCESS Constitution & Bylaws to reinstate two-year term limits for ACCESS Officers was passed overwhelmingly. The amendment required a two-thirds vote of the active members casting ballots to pass. View Amendment Language. View ACCESS C&B as amended.

ACCESS Officer Election Results

Elections were be held at the May 19th General Membership Meeting, Lava Lounge, 1307 Auburn Ave., Tremont.

Prior to the election, Lynnette Harris, stepped down from VP to run for At-Large Representative. Gloria Stansberry was appointed Vice-President to fill Harris’s un-expired term.

Newly elected Officers and At-Large Representatives for 2011-2012 are :

  • Joyce Yates – Treasurer
  • Ginny Felice – Recording Secretary
  • Beckie Tweedle – Corresponding Secretary
  • Jeanni Brezina – At-Large Representative
  • Becky Cowley – At-Large Representative
  • Lynnette Harris – At-Large Representative

Lynnette was thanked for her service as VP.

Duties of these positions are outlined in the ACCESS Constitution & Bylaws.

LPDC Documents Now Online!

As a service to ACCESS members who maintain their Certification/Licensure with the Ohio Department of Education, new forms from the ACCESS-CCBDD Local Professional Development Committee are now online at our LPDC page.